Tartarin of Tarascon, by Alphonse Daudet

Table of Contents

Episode the First, in Tarascon

  1. The Garden Round the Giant Trees.
  2. A general glance bestowed upon the good town of Tarascon, and a particular one on “the cap-poppers.”
  3. “Naw, naw, naw!” The general glance protracted upon the good town.
  4. “They!”
  5. How Tartarin went round to his club.
  6. The two Tartarins.
  7. Tartarin — The Europeans at Shanghai — Commerce — The Tartars — Can Tartarin of Tarascon be an Impostor? — The Mirage.
  8. Mitaine’s Menagerie — A Lion from the Atlas at Tarascon — A Solemn and Fearsome Confrontation.
  9. Singular effects of Mental Mirage.
  10. Before the Start.
  11. “Let’s have it out with swords gentleman, not pins!”
  12. A memorable Dialogue in the little Baobab Villa.
  13. The Departure.
  14. The Port of Marseilles —“All aboard, all aboard!”

Episode the Second, Among “The Turks”

  1. The Passage — The Five Positions of the Fez — The Third Evening Out — Mercy upon us!
  2. “To arms! to arms”
  3. An Invocation to Cervantes — The Disembarkation — Where are the Turks? — Not a sign of them — Disenchantment
  4. The First Lying in Wait.
  5. Bang, bang!
  6. Arrival of the Female — A Terrible Combat —“Game Fellows Meet Here!”
  7. About an Omnibus, a Moorish Beauty, and a Wreath of Jessamine.
  8. Ye Lions of the Atlas, repose in peace!
  9. Prince Gregory of Montenegro.
  10. “Tell me your father’s name, and I will tell you the name of that flower.”
  11. Sidi Tart’ri Ben Tart’ri.
  12. The Latest Intelligence from Tarascon.

Episode the Third, Among the Lions

  1. What becomes of the Old Stage-coaches.
  2. A little gentleman drops in and “drops upon” Tartarin.
  3. A Monastery of Lions.
  4. The Caravan on the March.
  5. The Night-watch in a Poison-tree Grove.
  6. Bagged him at Last.
  7. Catastrophes upon Catastrophes.
  8. Tarascon again!


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