The Voyage of the Beagle, by Charles Darwin

Table of Contents

Prefatory Notice to the Illustrated Edition.

Author’s Preface.


  1. St. Jago — Cape De Verd Islands
  2. Rio De Janeiro.
  3. Maldonado
  4. Rio Negro to Bahia Blanca.
  5. Bahia Blanca.
  6. Bahia Blanca to Buenos Ayres.
  7. Buenos Ayres to St. Fé.
  8. Banda Oriental and Patagonia.
  9. Santa Cruz, Patagonia, and the Falkland Islands.
  10. Tierra Del Fuego.
  11. Strait of Magellan. — Climate of the Southern Coasts.
  12. Central Chile
  13. Chiloe and Chonos Islands
  14. Chiloe and Concepcion: Great Earthquake
  15. Passage of the Cordillera
  16. Northern Chile and Peru.
  17. Galapagos Archipelago
  18. Tahiti and New Zealand
  19. Australia
  20. Keeling Island:— Coral Formations
  21. Mauritius to England


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