A Voyage to the Moon, by Cyrano de Bergerac,

Table of Contents

  1. Of how the Voyage was Conceived.
  2. Of how the Author set out, and where he first arrived.
  3. Of his Conversation with the Vice–Roy of New France; and of the system of this Universe.
  4. Of how at last he set out again for the Moon, tho without his own Will.
  5. Of his Arrival there, and of the Beauty of that Country in which he fell.
  6. Of a Youth whom he met there, and of their Conversation: what that country was, and the Inhabitants of it.
  7. Being cast out from that Country, of the new Adventures which Befell him; and of the Demon of Socrates.
  8. Of the Languages of the People in the Moon; of the Manner of Feeding there, and Paying the Scot; and of how the Author was taken to Court.
  9. Of the little Spaniard whom he met there, and of his quaint Wit; of Vacuum, Specific Weights, and sun-dry other Philosophical Matters.
  10. Where the Author comes in doubt, whether he be a Man, an Ape, or an Estridge; and of the Opinion of the Lunar Philosophers concerning Aris-totle.
  11. Of the Manner of making War in the Moon; and of how the Moon is not the Moon, nor the Earth the Earth.
  12. Of a Philosophical Entertainment.
  13. Of the little Animals that make up our Life, and likewise cause our Diseases; and of the Disposition of the Towns in the Moon.
  14. Of the Original of All Things; of Atomes; and of the Operation of the Senses.
  15. Of the Books in the Moon, and their Fashion; of Death, Burial, and Burning; of the Manner of telling the Time; and of Noses,
  16. Of Miracles; and of Curing by the Imagination.
  17. Of the Author’s Return to the Earth.


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