Captain Cook’s Journal

Table of Contents


Sketch of Captain Cook’s Life.

Persons who Left England in H.M.S. Endeavour.

A Journal of the Proceedings of His Majesty’s Bark Endeavour, on a Voyage Round the World, by Lieutenant James Cook, Commander, Commencing the 25th of May, 1768.

  1. England to Rio Janeiro.
  2. Rio Janeiro to Tahiti.
  3. Tahiti.
  4. Tahiti to New Zealand.
  5. Exploration of North Island of New Zealand.
  6. Exploration of Middle Island of New Zealand.
  7. Passage from New Zealand to New Holland.
  8. Exploration of East Coast of Australia.
  9. From Torres Strait to Batavia.
  10. Batavia to Cape of Good Hope.
  11. Cape of Good Hope to England.


  1. Modern chart of South Pacific Ocean showing track of H.M.S. Endeavour, 1769 to 1770.
  2. Chart of the island Otaheite, by Lieutenant James Cook, 1769.
  3. Chart of the Society Isles, discovered by Lieutenant James Cook, 1769.
  4. Chart of New Zealand, explored in 1769 and 1770, by Lieutenant J. Cook.
  5. Track of Endeavour from Torres Strait to JAVA. August and September 1770.
  6. The complete voyage traced on Google Maps

Selected geographical references in the text have been linked to Google Maps.


  1. Portrait of Captain James Cook with a facsimile of his signature.
  2. Facsimile of Saturday, 3rd June, 1769.
  3. Tahiti: types of canoes.
  4. War canoe of New Zealand.
  5. Facsimile of Tuesday, 23rd October, 1770.

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