The Two Destinies, by Wilkie Collins

Table of Contents

The Prelude.

The Guest Writes and Tells the Story of the Dinner Party.

The Narrative.

George Germaine Writes, and tells his own Love Story.
  1. Greenwater Broad
  2. Two Young Hearts.
  3. Swedenborg and the Sibyl.
  4. The Curtain Falls.
  5. My Story.
  6. Her Story.
  7. The Woman on the Bridge.
  8. The Kindred Spirits
  9. Natural and Supernatural.
  10. Saint Anthony’s Well.
  11. The Letter of Introduction.
  12. The Disasters of Mrs. Van Brandt.
  13. Not Cured Yet.
  14. Mrs. Van Brandt at Home.
  15. The Obstacle Beats Me.
  16. My Mother’s Diary.
  17. Shetland Hospitality.
  18. The Darkened Room.
  19. The Cats.
  20. The Green Flag.
  21. She Comes Between Us.
  22. She Claims Me Again.
  23. The Kiss.
  24. In the Shadow of St. Paul’s.
  25. I Keep My Appointment.
  26. Conversation with My Mother.
  27. Conversation with Mrs. Van Brandt.
  28. Love and Money.
  29. Our Destinies Part Us.
  30. The Prospect Darkens.
  31. The Physician’s Opinion.
  32. A Last Look at Greenwater Broad.
  33. A Vision of the Night.
  34. By Land and Sea.
  35. Under the Window.
  36. Love and Pride.
  37. The Two Destinies.

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