Poor Miss Finch, by Wilkie Collins

Table of Contents


Note to the Present Edition.

Part the First

  1. Madame Pratolungo presents Herself
  2. Madame Pratolungo makes a Voyage on Land
  3. Poor Miss Finch
  4. Twilight View of the Man
  5. Candlelight View of the Man
  6. A Cage of Finches
  7. Daylight View of the Man
  8. The Perjury of the Clock
  9. The Hero of the Trial
  10. First Appearance of Jicks
  11. Blind Love
  12. Mr. Finch smells Money
  13. Second Appearance of Jicks
  14. Discoveries at Browndown
  15. Events at the Bedside
  16. First Result of the Robbery
  17. The Doctor’s Opinion
  18. Family Troubles
  19. Second Result of the Robbery
  20. Good Papa again!
  21. Madame Pratolungo Returns to Dimchurch
  22. The Twin–Brother’s Letter
  23. He sets us All Right
  24. He sees Lucilla
  25. Nugent puzzles Madame Pratolungo
  26. He proves Equal to the Occasion
  27. He finds a Way out of it
  28. He crosses the Rubicon
  29. Parliamentary Summary
  30. Herr Grosse
  31. “Who Shall Decide when Doctors disagree?”
  32. Alas for the Marriage!
  33. The Day Between

Part the Second

  1. Nugent shows his Hand
  2. Lucilla tries her Sight
  3. The Brothers Meet
  4. The Brothers change Places
  5. Is there no Excuse for Him?
  6. She Learns to See
  7. Traces of Nugent
  8. A Hard Time for Madame Pratolungo
  9. The Story of Lucilla: told by Herself
  10. Lucilla’s Journal, continued
  11. Lucilla’s Journal, continued
  12. Lucilla’s Journal, concluded
  13. The Italian Steamer
  14. On the Way to the End. First Stage
  15. On the Way to the End. Second Stage
  16. On the Way to the End. Third Stage
  17. The End of the Journey

Epilogue: Madame Pratolungo’s Last Words


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