The New Magdalen, by Wilkie Collins

Table of Contents

First Scene. — The Cottage on the Frontier.

  1. The Two Women.
  2. Magdalen — In Modern Times.
  3. The German Shell.
  4. The Temptation.
  5. The German Surgeon.

Second Scene. — Mablethorpe House.

  1. Lady Janet’s Companion.
  2. The Man is Coming.
  3. The Man Appears.
  4. News from Mannheim.
  5. A Council of Three.
  6. The Dead Alive.
  7. Exit Julian.
  8. Enter Julian.
  9. Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before.
  10. A Woman’s Remorse.
  11. They Meet Again.
  12. The Guardian Angel.
  13. The Search in the Grounds.
  14. The Evil Genius.
  15. The Policeman in Plain Clothes.
  16. The Footstep in the Corridor.
  17. The Man in the Dining-Room.
  18. Lady Janet at Bay.
  19. Lady Janet’s Letter.
  20. The Confession
  21. Great Heart and Little Heart.
  22. Magdalen’s Apprenticeship.
  23. Sentence is Pronounced on Her.
  24. The Last Trial.

Epilogue: Containing selections from the Correspondence of Miss Grace Roseberry and Mr. Horace Holmcroft; to which are added Extracts from the Diary of the Reverend Julian Gray.

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