My Lady’s Money, by Wilkie Collins

Table of Contents

Part the First.

Chapter i.
Chapter ii.
Chapter iii.
Chapter iv.
Chapter v.
Chapter vi.
Chapter vii.

Part the Second.

Chapter viii.
Chapter ix.
Chapter x.
Chapter xi.
Chapter xii.
Chapter xiii.
Chapter xiv.
Chapter xv.
Chapter xvi.
Chapter xvii.
Chapter xviii.
Chapter xix.
Chapter xx.
Chapter xxi.


Persons of the Story


Lady Lydiard (Widow of Lord Lydiard)

Isabel Miller (her Adopted Daughter)

Miss Pink (of South Morden)

The Hon. Mrs. Drumblade (Sister to the Hon. A. Hardyman)


The Hon. Alfred Hardyman (of the Stud Farm)

Mr. Felix Sweetsir (Lady Lydiard’s Nephew)

Robert Moody (Lady Lydiard’s Steward)

Mr. Troy (Lady Lydiard’s Lawyer)

Old Sharon (in the Byways of Legal Bohemia)


Tommie (Lady Lydiard’s Dog)

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