The Legacy of Cain, by Wilkie Collins

Table of Contents

First Period: 1858–1859.

Events in the prison, related by the Governor.

  1. The Governor Explains.
  2. The Murderess Asks Questions.
  3. The Child Appears.
  4. The Minister Says Yes.
  5. Miss Chance Asserts Herself.
  6. The Doctor Doubts.
  7. The Murderess Consults the Authorities.
  8. The Minister Says Good-By.
  9. The Governor Receives a Visit.
  10. Miss Chance Reappears.

Second Period: 1875.

The Girls and the Journals.

  1. Helena’s Diary.
  2. Eunice’s Diary.
  3. Eunice’s Diary.
  4. Helena’s Diary.
  5. Helena’s Diary.
  6. Helena’s Diary.
  7. Helena’s Diary.
  8. Eunice’s Diary.
  9. Eunice’s Diary.
  10. Eunice’s Diary.
  11. Helena’s Diary.
  12. Eunice’s Diary.
  13. Eunice’s Diary.
  14. Eunice’s Diary.
  15. Helena’s Diary.
  16. Helena’s Diary.
  17. Eunice’s Diary.
  18. Helena’s Diary.
  19. Helena’s Diary.
  20. Eunice’s Diary.
  21. Eunice’s Diary.

Second Period (continued).

Events in the Family, Related by the Governor.

  1. The Middle-Aged Lady.
  2. The Minister’s Misfortune.
  3. The Lively Old Maid.
  4. The Future Looks Gloomy.
  5. The Wandering Mind.
  6. The Shameless Sister.
  7. The Girls’ Ages.
  8. The Adopted Child
  9. The Bruised Heart.
  10. The Whispering Voice.
  11. The Quaint Philosopher.
  12. The Masterful Masseuse.
  13. The Resurrection of the Past.
  14. The Fatal Portrait.
  15. The Cumbersome Ladies.
  16. The Journey to the Farm.
  17. The Decision of Eunice.
  18. The Governor on His Guard.
  19. The News from the Farm.
  20. The Triumph of Mrs. Tenbruggen.

Third Period: 1876.

Helena’s Diary Resumed.

  1. Helena’s Diary Resumed.
  2. Helena’s Diary Resumed.
  3. Helena’s Diary Resumed.
  4. Helena’s Diary Resumed.
  5. Helena’s Diary Resumed.
  6. Helena’s Diary Resumed.

Third Period (continued).

Events in the Family, Related by Miss Jillgall.

  1. Danger.
  2. Defense.
  3. Discovery.
  4. Atrocity.

Third Period (concluded).

Troubles and Triumphs of the Family, Related by the Governor.

  1. The Sentence Pronounced.
  2. The Obstacle Removed.
  3. The Truth Triumphant.



Permit me to add your name to my name, in publishing this novel. The pen which has written my books cannot be more agreeably employed than in acknowledging what I owe to the pen which has skillfully and patiently helped me, by copying my manuscripts for the printer.


Wimpole Street, 6th December, 1888.

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