Hide and Seek, by Wilkie Collins

Table of Contents

Preface to the Revised Edition

Opening Chapter. A Child’s Sunday.

Book I. The Hiding.

  1. A New Neighborhood, and a Strange Character.
  2. Mr. Blyth in His Studio.
  3. Madonna’s Childhood.
  4. Madonna’s Mother.
  5. Madonna’s Misfortune.
  6. Madonna Goes to London.
  7. Madonna in Her New Home.
  8. Mentor and Telemachus.
  9. The Tribulations of Zack.
  10. Mr. Blyth’s Drawing Academy.
  11. The Brewing of the Storm.

Book II. The Seeking.

  1. The Man with the Black Skull-Cap.
  2. The Prodigal’s Return.
  3. The Search Begun.
  4. Fate Works, with Zack for an Instrument.
  5. Fate Works, with Mr. Blyth for an Instrument.
  6. The Finding of the Clue.
  7. The Box of Letters.
  8. Joanna Grice’s Narrative.
  9. More Discoveries.
  10. The Squaw’s Mixture.
  11. The Garden Door.
  12. The Hair Bracelet.
  13. The Search for Arthur Carr.
  14. Mary’s Grave.
  15. The Discovery of Arthur Carr.
  16. The Day of Reckoning.
  17. Matthew Grice’s Revenge.


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