The Dead Secret, by Wilkie Collins

Table of Contents


Book I.

  1. The Twenty-Third of August, 1829.
  2. The Child.
  3. The Hiding of the Secret.

Book II

  1. Fifteen Years After.
  2. The Sale of Porthgenna Tower.
  3. The Bride and Bridegroom.

Book III.

  1. Timon of London.
  2. Will They Come?
  3. Mrs. Jazeph.
  4. The New Nurse.
  5. A Council of Three.
  6. Another Surprise.

Book IV.

  1. A Plot Against the Secret.
  2. Outside the House.
  3. Inside the House.
  4. Mr. Munder on the Seat of Judgment.
  5. Mozart Plays Farewell.

Book V.

  1. An Old Friend and a New Scheme.
  2. The Beginning of the End.
  3. Approaching the Precipice.
  4. Standing on the Brink.
  5. The Myrtle Room.
  6. The Telling of the Secret.

Book VI.

  1. Uncle Joseph.
  2. Waiting and Hoping.
  3. The Story of the Past.
  4. The Close of Day.
  5. Forty Thousand Pounds.
  6. The Dawn of a New Life.

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