Armadale, by Wilkie Collins

Table of Contents



  1. The Travelers.
  2. The Solid Side of the Scotch Character.
  3. The Wreck of the Timber Ship.

The Story.

Book the First.

  1. The Mystery of Ozias Midwinter.
  2. The Man Revealed.
  3. Day and Night
  4. The Shadow of the Past.
  5. The Shadow of the Future.

Book the Second

  1. Lurking Mischief.
  2. Allan As a Landed Gentleman.
  3. The Claims of Society.
  4. The March of Events.
  5. Mother Oldershaw on Her Guard.
  6. Midwinter in Disguise.
  7. The Plot Thickens.
  8. The Norfolk Broads.
  9. Fate or Chance?
  10. The House-Maid’s Face.
  11. Miss Gwilt Among the Quicksands.
  12. The Clouding of the Sky.
  13. Exit.

Book the Third.

  1. Mrs. Milroy.
  2. The Man is Found.
  3. The Brink of Discovery.
  4. Allan at Bay.
  5. Pedgift’s Remedy.
  6. Pedgift’s Postscript.
  7. The Martyrdom of Miss Gwilt.
  8. She Comes Between Them.
  9. She Knows the Truth.
  10. Miss Gwilt’s Diary.
  11. Love and Law.
  12. A Scandal at the Station.
  13. An Old Man’s Heart.
  14. Miss Gwilt’s Diary.
  15. The Wedding-Day.

Book the Fourth.

  1. Miss Gwilt’s Diary.
  2. The Diary Continued.
  3. The Diary Broken Off.

Book the Last.

  1. At the Terminus.
  2. In the House.
  3. The Purple Flask.


  1. News From Norfolk.
  2. Midwinter.


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