The Black Robe, by Wilkie Collins

Table of Contents

Before the Story.

First Scene. — Boulogne-Sur-Mer. — The Duel.
Second Scene. — Vange Abbey. — The Forewarnings

The Story.

Book the First.
  1. The Confidences.
  2. The Jesuits.
  3. The Introduction to Romayne.
  4. Father Benwell Hits.
  5. Father Benwell Misses.
  6. The Order of the Dishes.
  7. The Influence of Stella.
  8. The Priest or the Woman?
  9. The Public and the Pictures.
  10. Father Benwell’s Correspondence.
  11. Stella Asserts Herself.
  12. The General’s Family.
  13. Father Benwell’s Correspondence.
Book the Second.
  1. The Sandwich Dance.
  2. The Question of Marriage.
  3. The End of the Ball.
  4. In the Small Hours.
Book the Third.
  1. The Honeymoon.
  2. Events at Ten Acres.
  3. Father Benwell and the Book.
  4. The End of the Honeymoon.
  5. Father Benwell’s Correspondence.
Book the Fourth.
  1. The Breach is Widened.
  2. A Christian Jesuit.
  3. Winterfield Returns.
  4. Father Benwell’s Correspondence.
  5. Bernard Winterfield’s Correspondence.
  6. The Saddest of All Words.
  7. The Impulsive Sex.
  8. Father Benwell’s Correspondence
Book the Fifth.
  1. Mrs. Eyreco Urt’s Discovery.
  2. The Seed is Sown.
  3. The Harvest is Reaped.
  4. On the Road to Rome.

After the Story.

  1. Winterfield Defends Himself.
  2. Winterfield Makes Extracts.

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