The Napoleon of Notting Hill, by G. K. Chesterton

Table of Contents

Book 1

  1. Introductory Remarks on the Art of Prophecy
  2. The Man in Green
  3. The Hill of Humour

Book 2

  1. The Charter of the Cities
  2. The Council of the Provosts
  3. Enter a Lunatic

Book 3

  1. The Mental Condition of Adam Wayne
  2. The Remarkable Mr. Turnbull
  3. The Experiment of Mr. Buck

Book 4

  1. The Battle of the Lamps
  2. The Correspondent of the Court Journal
  3. The Great Army of South Kensington

Book 5

  1. The Empire of Notting Hill
  2. The Last Battle
  3. Two Voices

List of Illustrations

  1. In the dark entrance there appeared a flaming figure.
  2. City men out on all fours in a field covered with veal cutlets.
  3. "I'm King of the Castle."
  4. "I bring homage to my King."
  5. Map of the Seat of War.
  6. King Auberon descended from the omnibus with dignity.
  7. "A fine evening, sir," said the chemist.
  8. "Wayne, it was all a joke."

To Hilaire Belloc

For every tiny town or place

God made the stars especially;

Babies look up with owlish face

And see them tangled in a tree:

You saw a moon from Sussex Downs,

A Sussex moon, untravelled still,

I saw a moon that was the town’s,

The largest lamp on Campden Hill.

Yea; Heaven is everywhere at home

The big blue cap that always fits,

And so it is (be calm; they come

To goal at last, my wandering wits),

So is it with the heroic thing;

This shall not end for the world’s end,

And though the sullen engines swing,

Be you not much afraid, my friend.

This did not end by Nelson’s urn

Where an immortal England sits —

Nor where your tall young men in turn

Drank death like wine at Austerlitz.

And when the pedants bade us mark

What cold mechanic happenings

Must come; our souls said in the dark,

“Belike; but there are likelier things.”

Likelier across these flats afar

These sulky levels smooth and free

The drums shall crash a waltz of war

And Death shall dance with Liberty;

Likelier the barricades shall blare

Slaughter below and smoke above,

And death and hate and hell declare

That men have found a thing to love.

Far from your sunny uplands set

I saw the dream; the streets I trod

The lit straight streets shot out and met

The starry streets that point to God.

This legend of an epic hour

A child I dreamed, and dream it still,

Under the great grey water-tower

That strikes the stars on Campden Hill.

G. K. C.

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