The Three Sisters, by Anton Chekhov


Andrey Sergeyevitch Prosorov

Natalia Ivanova (Natasha), his fiancée, later his wife (28)

His sisters:

Feodor Ilitch Kuligin, high school teacher, married to Masha (20)

Alexander Ignateyevitch Vershinin, lieutenant-colonel in charge of a battery (42)

Nicolai Lvovitch Tuzenbach, baron, lieutenant in the army (30)

Vassili Vassilevitch Soleni, captain

Ivan Romanovitch Chebutikin, army doctor (60)

Alexey Petrovitch Fedotik, sub-lieutenant

Vladimir Carlovitch Rode, sub-lieutenant

Ferapont, door-keeper at local council offices, an old man

Anfisa, nurse (80)

The action takes place in a provincial town.

[Ages are stated in brackets.]

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