Letters of Anton Chekhov, by Anton Chekhov

To V. I. Nemirovitch Dantchenko.

YALTA, November 2, 1903.

. . . About the play.

1. Anya can be played by anyone you like, even by a quite unknown actress, so long as she is young and looks like a girl, and speaks in a youthful singing voice. It is not an important part.

(2) Varya is a more serious part. . . . She is a character in a black dress, something of a nun, foolish, tearful, etc.

. . . Gorky is younger than you or I, he has his life before him. . . . As for the Nizhni theatre, that’s a mere episode; Gorky will try it, “sniff it and reject it.” And while we are on this subject, the whole idea of a “people’s” theatre and “people’s” literature is foolishness and lollipops for the people. We mustn’t bring Gogol down to the people but raise the people up to Gogol. . . .


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