The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


In te, si in quemquam, dici pote, putide Victi,

Id quod verbosis dicitur et fatuis.

Ista cum lingua, si usus veniat tibi, possis

Culos et crepidas lingere carpatinas.

Si nos omnino vis omnes perdere, Victi, 5

Hiscas: omnino quod cupis efficies.


To Victius the Stinkard.

Rightly of thee may be said, an of any, (thou stinkingest Victius!)

Whatso wont we to say touching the praters and prigs.

Thou wi’ that tongue o’ thine own, if granted occasion availest

Brogues of the cowherds to kiss, also their ——

Wouldst thou undo us all with a thorough undoing (O Victius!) 5

Open thy gape:— thereby all shall be wholly undone.

To thee, if to anyone, may I say, foul-mouthed Victius, that which is said to wind bags and fatuities. For with that tongue, if need arrive, thou couldst lick clodhoppers’ shoes, clogs, and buttocks. If thou wishest to destroy us all entirely, Victius, thou need’st but gape: thou wilt accomplish what thou wishest entirely.

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