The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Si quicquam mutis gratum acceptumve sepulcris

Accidere a nostro, Calve, dolore potest,

Quo desiderio veteres renovamus amores

Atque olim missas flemus amicitias,

Certe non tanto mors inmatura dolorist 5

Quintiliae, quantum gaudet amore tuo.


To Calvus Anent Dead Quintilia.

If to the dumb deaf tomb can aught or grateful or pleasing

(Calvus!) ever accrue rising from out of our dule,

Wherewith yearning desire renews our loves in the bygone,

And for long friendships lost many a tear must be shed;

Certès, never so much for doom of premature death-day 5

Must thy Quintilia mourn as she is joyed by thy love.

If aught grateful or acceptable can penetrate the silent graves from our dolour, Calvus, when with sweet regret we renew old loves and beweep the lost friendships of yore, of a surety not so much doth Quintilia mourn her untimely death as she doth rejoice o’er thy constant love.

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