The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Zmyrna mei Cinnae nonam post denique messem

Quam coeptast nonamque edita post hiemem,

Milia cum interea quingenta Hortensius uno

Zmyrna cavas Satrachi penitus mittetur ad undas, 5

Zmyrnam cana diu saecula pervoluent.

At Volusi annales Paduam morientur ad ipsam

Et laxas scombris saepe dabunt tunicas.

Parva mei mihi sint cordi monumenta sodalis,

At populus tumido gaudeat Antimacho. 10


On the “Zmyrna” Of the Poet Cinna.

“Zmyrna” begun erstwhile nine harvests past by my Cinna

Publisht appears when now nine of his winters be gone;

Thousands fifty of lines meanwhile Hortensius in single

“Zmyrna” shall travel afar as the hollow breakers of Satrax, 5

“Zmyrna” by ages grey lastingly shall be perused.

But upon Padus’ brink shall die Volusius his annals

And to the mackerel oft loose-fitting jacket afford.

Dear to my heart are aye the lightest works of my comrade,

Leave I the mob to enjoy tumidest Antimachus. 10

My Cinna’s “Zmyrna” at length, after nine harvests from its inception, is published when nine winters have gone by, whilst in the meantime Hortensius thousands upon thousands in one * * * * “Zmyrna” shall wander abroad e’en to the curving surf of Satrachus, hoary ages shall turn the leaves of “Zmyrna” in distant days. But Volusius’ Annals shall perish at Padua itself, and shall often furnish loose wrappings for mackerel. The short writings of my comrade are gladsome to my heart; let the populace rejoice in bombastic Antimachus.

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