The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Nemone in tanto potuit populo esse, Iuventi,

Bellus homo, quem tu diligere inciperes,

Praeterquam iste tuus moribunda a sede Pisauri

Hospes inaurata pallidior statua,

Qui tibi nunc cordist, quem tu praeponere nobis 5

Audes, et nescis quod facinus facias.


To Juventius.

Could there never be found in folk so thronging (Juventius!)

Any one charming thee whom thou couldst fancy to love,

Save and except that host from deadliest site of Pisaurum,

Wight than a statue gilt wanner and yellower-hued,

Whom to thy heart thou takest and whom thou darest before us 5

Choose? But villain what deed doest thou little canst wot!

Could there be no one in so great a crowd, Juventius, no gallant whom thou couldst fall to admiring, beyond him, the guest of thy hearth from moribund Pisaurum, wanner than a gilded statue? Who now is in thine heart, whom thou darest to place above us, and knowest not what crime thou dost commit.

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