The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Gallus habet fratres, quorumst lepidissima coniunx

Alterius, lepidus filius alterius.

Gallus homost bellus: nam dulces iungit amores,

Cum puero ut bello bella puella cubet.

Gallus homost stultus nec se videt esse maritum, 5

Qui patruos patrui monstret adulterium.


Of Gallus.

Gallus hath brothers in pair, this owning most beautiful consort,

While unto that is given also a beautiful son.

Gallus is charming as man; for sweet loves ever conjoins he,

So that the charming lad sleep wi’ the charmer his lass.

Gallus is foolish wight, nor self regards he as husband, 5

When being uncle how nuncle to cuckold he show.

Gallus has brothers, one of whom has a most charming spouse, the other a charming son. Gallus is a nice fellow! for pandering to their sweet loves, he beds together the nice lad and the nice aunt. Gallus is a foolish fellow not to see that he is himself a husband who as an uncle shews how to cuckold an uncle.

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