The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Gellius audierat patruom obiurgare solere,

Siquis delicias diceret aut faceret.

Hoc ne ipsi accideret, patrui perdepsuit ipsam

Vxorem et patruom reddidit Harpocratem.

Quod voluit fecit: nam, quamvis inrumet ipsum 5

Nunc patruom, verbum non faciet patruos.


Of Gellius.

Wont was Gellius hear his uncle rich in reproaches,

When any ventured aught wanton in word or in deed.

Lest to him chance such befall, his uncle’s consort seduced he,

And of his uncle himself fashioned an Harpocrates.

Whatso he willed did he; and nowdays albe his uncle 5

—— he, no word ever that uncle shall speak.

Gellius had heard that his uncle was wont to be wroth, if any spake of or practised love-sportings. That this should not happen to him, he kneaded up his uncle’s wife herself, and made of his uncle a god of silence. Whatever he wished, he did; for now, even if he irrumate his uncle’s self, not a word will that uncle murmur.

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