The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Siquoi iure bono sacer alarum obstitit hircus,

Aut siquem merito tarda podagra secat,

Aemulus iste tuos, qui vostrum exercet amorem,

Mirificost fato nactus utrumque malum,

Nam quotiens futuit, totiens ulciscitur ambos: 5

Illam adfligit odore, ipse perit podagra.


To Verro.

An of a goat-stink damned from armpits fusty one suffer,

Or if a crippling gout worthily any one rack,

’Tis that rival o’ thine who lief in loves of you meddles,

And, by a wondrous fate, gains him the twain of such ills.

For that, oft as he — — so oft that penance be two-fold; 5

Stifles her stench of goat, he too is kilt by his gout.

If ever anyone was deservedly cursed with an atrocious goat-stench from armpits, or if limping gout did justly gnaw one, ’tis thy rival, who occupies himself with your love, and who has stumbled by the marvel of fate on both these ills. For as oft as he swives, so oft is he taken vengeance on by both; she he prostrates by his stink, he is slain by his gout.

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