The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Num te leaena montibus Libystinis

Aut Scylla latrans infima inguinum parte

Tam mente dura procreavit ac taetra,

Vt supplicis vocem in novissimo casu

Contemptam haberes a! nimis fero corde? 5


To a Cruel Charmer.

Bare thee some lioness wild in Lybian wold?

Or Scylla barking from low’st inguinal fold?

With so black spirit, of so dure a mould,

E’en voice of suppliant must thou disregard

In latest circumstance ah, heart o’er hard? 5

Did a lioness of the Libyan Hills, or Scylla yelping from her lowmost groin, thee procreate, with mind so hard and horrid, that thou hast contempt upon a suppliant’s voice in calamity’s newest stress? O heart o’ergreatly cruel.

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