The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Bononiensis Rufa Rufulum fellat,

Vxor Meneni, saepe quam in sepulcretis

Vidistis ipso rapere de rogo cenam,

Cum devolutum ex igne prosequens panem

Ab semiraso tunderetur ustore. 5


On Rufa.

Rúfa the Bolognese drains Rufule dry,

(Wife to Menenius) she ‘mid tombs you’ll spy,

The same a-snatching supper from the pyre

Following the bread-loaves rolling forth the fire

Till frapped by half-shaved body-burner’s ire. 5

Rufa of Bononia lends her lips to Rufulus, she the wife of Menenius, whom oft among the sepulchres ye have seen clutching her meal from the funeral pile, when pursuing the bread which has rolled from the fire, whilst she was being buffeted by a semi-shorn corpse-burner.

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