The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Caeli, Lesbia nostra, Lesbia illa,

Illa Lesbia, quam Catullus unam

Plus quam se atque suos amavit omnes,

Nunc in quadriviis et angiportis

Glubit magnanimos Remi nepotes. 5


On Lesbia who Ended Badly.

Cælius! That Lesbia of ours, that Lesbia,

That only Lesbia by Catullus loved,

Than self, far fondlier, than all his friends,

She now where four roads fork, and wind the wynds

Husks the high-minded scions Remus-sprung. 5

O Caelius, our Lesbia, that Lesbia, the self-same Lesbia whom Catullus more than himself and all his own did worship, now at cross-roads and in alleys husks off the mettlesome descendants of Remus.

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