The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Orem ridiculam, Cato, et iocosam

Dignamque auribus et tuo cachinno.

Ride, quidquid amas, Cato, Catullum:

Res est ridicula et nimis iocosa.

Deprendi modo pupulum puellae 5

Trusantem: hunc ego, si placet Dionae,

Protelo rigida mea cecidi.


To Cato, Describing a “Black Joker.”

O risible matter (Cato!) and jocose,

Digne of thy hearing, of thy sneering digne.

Laugh (Cato!) an thou love Catullus thine;

The thing is risible, nay, too jocose.

Erstwhile I came upon a lad who a lass 5

Was —— and (so please it Dion!) I

Pierced him with stiffest staff and did him die.

O thing ridiculous, Cato, and facetious, and worthy of thine ears and of thy laughter. Laugh, Cato, the more thou lovest Catullus: the thing is ridiculous, and beyond measure facetious. Just now I caught a boy a-thrusting in a girl: and on him (so please you, Dione) with rigid spear of mine I fell.

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