The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Othonis caput oppidost pusillum

Neri rustica semilauta crura,

Subtile et leve peditum Libonis.

Si non omnia displicere vellem

Tibi et Fuficio seni recocte 5


Irascere iterum meis iambis

Inmerentibus, unice imperator.


To Julius Cæsar. (?)

The head of Otho, puniest of pates

The rustic half-washt shanks of Nerius

And Libo’s subtle silent fizzling-farts.

I wish that leastwise these should breed disgust

In thee and old Fuficius, rogue twice-cookt. 5


Again at these mine innocent iamb-lines

Wi’ wrath be wrothest; unique Emperor!

Otho’s head is paltry past all phrase * * * the uncouth semi-soaped shanks of Nerius, the slender soundless fizzlings of Libo * * * if not all things I wish would displease thee and Fuficius, the white-headed and green-tailed.

Anew thou shalt be enraged at my harmless iambics, emperor unique.

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