The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Porci et Socration, duae sinistrae

Pisonis, scabies famesque mundi

Vos Veraniolo meo et Fabullo

Verpus praeposuit Priapus ille?

Vos convivia lauta sumptuose 5

De die facitis? mei sodales

Quaerunt in trivio vocationes?


To Porcius and Socration.

Porcius and Socration, pair sinister

Of Piso, scabs and starvelings of the world,

You to Fabúllus and my Verianólus,

Hath dared yon snipt Priapus to prefer?

Upon rich banquets sumptuously spread 5

Still gorge you daily while my comrades must

Go seek invitals where the three roads fork?

Porcius and Socration, twins in rascality of Piso, scurf and famisht of the earth, you before my Veraniolus and Fabullus has that prepuce-lacking Priapus placed? Shall you betimes each day in luxurious opulence banquet? And must my cronies quest for dinner invitations, [lounging] where the three cross-roads meet?

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