The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Ametina puella defututa

Tota milia me decem poposcit,

Ista turpiculo puella naso,

Decoctoris amica Formiani.

Propinqui, quibus est puella curae, 5

Amicos medicosque convocate:

Non est sana puella. nec rogate,

Qualis sit: solet esse imaginosa.


On Mamurra’s Mistress.

That Ametina, worn-out whore,

Me for a myriad oft would bore,

That strumpet of th’ ignoble nose,

To leman, rakehell Formian chose.

An ye would guard her (kinsmen folk) 5

Your friends and leaches d’ye convoke:

The girl’s not sound-sens’d; ask ye naught

Of her complaint: she’s love-distraught.

Ametina, out-drainèd maiden, worries me for a whole ten thousand, that damsel with an outspread nose, chère amie of Formianus the wildling. Ye near of kin in whose care the maiden is, summon ye both friends and medicals: for the girl’s not sane. Nor ask ye, in what way: she is subject to delusions.

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