The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Annales Volusi, cacata charta,

Votum solvite pro mea puella:

Nam sanctae Veneri Cupidinique

Vovit, si sibi restitutus essem

Desissemque truces vibrare iambos, 5

Electissima pessimi poetae

Scripta tardipedi deo daturam

Infelicibus ustulanda lignis.

Et haec pessima se puella vidit

Iocose lepide vovere divis. 10

Nunc, o caeruleo creata ponto,

Quae sanctum Idalium Vriosque portus

Quaeque Ancona Cnidumque harundinosam

Colis quaeque Amathunta quaeque Golgos

Quaeque Durrachium Adriae tabernam, 15

Acceptum face redditumque votum,

Si non inlepidum neque invenustumst.

At vos interea venite in ignem,

Pleni ruris et inficetiarum

Annales Volusi, cacata charta. 20


On “The Annals”— A So-Called Poem of Volusius.

Volusius’ Annals, paper scum-bewrayed!

Fulfil that promise erst my damsel made;

Who vowed to Holy Venus and her son,

Cupid, should I return to her anon

And cease to brandish iamb-lines accurst, 5

The writ selected erst of bards the worst

She to the limping Godhead would devote

With slowly-burning wood of illest note.

This was the vilest which my girl could find

With vow facetious to the Gods assigned. 10

Now, O Creation of the azure sea,

Holy Idalium, Urian havenry

Haunting, Ancona, Cnidos’ reedy site,

Amathus, Golgos, and the tavern hight

Durrachium — thine Adrian abode — 15

The vow accepting, recognize the vowed

As not unworthy and unhandsome naught.

But do ye meanwhile to the fire be brought,

That teem with boorish jest of sorry blade,

Volusius’ Annals, paper scum-bewrayed. 20

Volusius’ Annals, merdous paper, fulfil ye a vow for my girl: for she vowed to sacred Venus and to Cupid that if I were reunited to her and I desisted hurling savage iambics, she would give the most elect writings of the pettiest poet to the tardy-footed God to be burned with ill-omened wood. And this the saucy minx chose, jocosely and drolly to vow to the gods. Now, O Creation of the cerulean main, who art in sacred Idalium, and in Urian haven, and who doth foster Ancona and reedy Cnidos, Amathus and Golgos, and Dyrrhachium, Adriatic tavern, accept and acknowledge this vow if it lack not grace nor charm. But meantime, hence with ye to the flames, crammed with boorish speech and vapid, Annals of Volusius, merdous paper.

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