The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Dianae sumus in fide

Puellae et pueri integri:

Dianam pueri integri

Puellaeque canamus.

O Latonia, maximi 5

Magna progenies Iovis,

Quam mater prope Deliam

Deposivit olivam,

Montium domina ut fores

Silvarumque virentium 10

Saltuumque reconditorum

Amniumque sonantum.

Tu Lucina dolentibus

Iuno dicta puerperis,

Tu potens Trivia et notho’s 15

Dicta lumine Luna.

Tu cursu, dea, menstruo

Metiens iter annuom

Rustica agricolae bonis

Tecta frugibus exples. 20

Sis quocumque tibi placet

Sancta nomine, Romulique,

Antique ut solita’s, bona

Sospites ope gentem.


Hymn to Diana.

Diana’s faith inbred we bear

Youths whole of heart and maidens fair,

Let boys no blemishes impair,

And girls of Dian sing!

O great Latonian progeny, 5

Of greatest Jove descendancy,

Whom mother bare ‘neath olive-tree,

Deep in the Delian dell;

That of the mountains reign thou Queen

And forest ranges ever green, 10

And coppices by man unseen,

And rivers resonant.

Thou art Lucína, Juno hight

By mothers lien in painful plight,

Thou puissant Trivia and the Light 15

Bastard, yclept the Lune.

Thou goddess with thy monthly stage,

The yearly march doth mete and guage

And rustic peasant’s messuage,

Dost brim with best o’ crops, 20

Be hailed by whatso name of grace,

Please thee and olden Romulus’ race,

Thy wonted favour deign embrace,

And save with choicest aid.

We, maids and upright youths, are in Diana’s care: upright youths and maids, we sing Diana.

O Latonia, progeny great of greatest Jove, whom thy mother bare ‘neath Delian olive,

That thou mightst be Queen of lofty mounts, of foliaged groves, of remote glens, and of winding streams.

Thou art called Juno Lucina by the mother in her travail-pangs, thou art named potent Trivia and Luna with an ill-got light.

Thou, Goddess, with monthly march measuring the yearly course, dost glut with produce the rustic roofs of the farmer.

Be thou hallowed by whatsoe’er name thou dost prefer; and cherish, with thine good aid, as thou art wont, the ancient race of Romulus.

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