The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


O furum optime balneariorum

Vibenni pater, et cinaede fili,

(Nam dextra pater inquinatiore,

Culo filius est voraciore)

Cur non exilium malasque in oras 5

Itis, quandoquidem patris rapinae

Notae sunt populo, et natis pilosas,

Fili, non potes asse venditare.


On the Vibenii — Bath-Thieves.

Oh, best of robbers who in Baths delight,

Vibennius, sire and son, the Ingle hight,

(For that the father’s hand be fouler one

And with his anus greedier is the Son)

Why not to banishment and evil hours 5

Haste ye, when all the parent’s plundering powers

Are public knowledge, nor canst gain a Cent

Son! by the vending of thy pilèd vent.

O, chiefest of pilferers, baths frequenting, Vibennius the father and his pathic son (for with the right hand is the sire more in guilt, and with his backside is the son the greedier), why go ye not to exile and ill hours, seeing that the father’s plunderings are known to all folk, and that, son, thou can’st not sell thine hairy buttocks for a doit?

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