The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Minister vetuli puer Falerni

Inger mi calices amariores,

Vt lex Postumiae iubet magistrae,

Ebriosa acina ebriosioris.

At vos quo lubet hinc abite, lymphae 5

Vini pernicies, et ad severos

Migrate: hic merus est Thyonianus.


To His Cup-Boy.

Thou youngling drawer of Falernian old

Crown me the goblets with a bitterer wine

As was Postumia’s law that rules the feast

Than ebriate grape-stone more inebriate.

But ye fare whither please ye (water-nymphs!) 5

To wine pernicious, and to sober folk

Migrate ye: mere Thyonian juice be here!

Boy cupbearer of old Falernian, pour me fiercer cups as bids the laws of Postumia, mistress of the feast, drunker than a drunken grape. But ye, hence, as far as ye please, crystal waters, bane of wine, hie ye to the sober: here the Thyonian juice is pure.

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