The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Mentula habes instar triginta iugera prati,

Quadraginta arvi: cetera sunt maria.

Cur non divitiis Croesum superare potissit

Vno qui in saltu totmoda possideat,

Prata, arva, ingentes silvas saltusque paludesque 5

Vsque ad Hyperboreos et mare ad Oceanum?

Omnia magna haec sunt, tamen ipse’s maximus ultro,

Non homo, sed vero mentula magna minax.


Of the Same.

Mentula! masterest thou some thirty acres of grass-land

Full told, forty of field soil; others are sized as the sea.

Why may he not surpass in his riches any a Croesus

Who in his one domain owns such abundance of good,

Grass-lands, arable fields, vast woods and forest and marish 5

Yonder to Boreal-bounds trenching on Ocean tide?

Great are indeed all these, but thou by far be the greatest,

Never a man, but a great Mentula of menacing might.

Mentula has something like thirty acres of meadow land, forty under cultivation: the rest are as the sea. Why might he not o’erpass Croesus in wealth, he who in one demesne possesses so much? Meadow, arable land, immense woods, and demesnes, and morasses, e’en to the uttermost north and to the ocean’s tide! All things great are here, yet is the owner most great beyond all; not a man, but in truth a Mentule mighty, menacing!

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