The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Firmano saltu non falso Mentula dives

Fertur, qui tot res in se habet egregias,

Aucupium, omne genus piscis, prata, arva ferasque.

Nequiquam: fructibus sumptibus exuperat.

Quare concedo sit dives, dum omnia desint. 5

Saltum laudemus, dum modo eo ipse egeat.


On Mamurra’s Squandering.

For yon Firmian domain not falsely Mentula hight is

Richard, owning for self so many excellent things —

Fish, fur, feather, all kinds, with prairie, corn-land, and ferals.

All no good: for th’ outgoing, income immensely exceeds.

Therefore his grounds be rich own I, while he’s but a pauper. 5

Laud we thy land while thou lackest joyance thereof.

With Firmian demesne not falsely is Mentula deemed rich, who has everything in it of such excellence, game preserves of every kind, fish, meadows, arable land and ferals. In vain: the yield is o’ercome by the expense. Wherefore I admit the wealth, whilst everything is wanting. We may praise the demesne, but its owner is a needy man.

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