The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Aufilena, bonae semper laudantur amicae:

Accipiunt pretium, quae facere instituunt.

Tu quod promisti, mihi quod mentita inimica’s,

Quod nec das et fers saepe, facis facinus.

Aut facere ingenuaest, aut non promisse pudicae, 5

Aufilena, fuit: sed data corripere

Fraudando + efficit plus quom meretricis avarae,

Quae sese tota corpore prostituit.


To Aufilena.

Aufiléna! for aye good lasses are lauded as loyal:

Price of themselves they accept when they intend to perform.

All thou promised’st me in belying proves thee unfriendly,

For never giving and oft taking is deed illy done.

Either as honest to grant, or modest as never to promise, 5

Aufiléna! were fair, but at the gifties to clutch

Fraudfully, viler seems than greed of greediest harlot

Who with her every limb maketh a whore of herself.

Aufilena, honest harlots are always praised: they accept the price of what they intend to do. Thou didst promise that to me, which, being a feigned promise, proves thee unfriendly; not giving that, and often accepting, thou dost wrongfully. Either to do it frankly, or not to promise from modesty, Aufilena, was becoming thee: but to snatch the gift and bilk, proves thee worse than the greedy strumpet who prostitutes herself with every part of her body.

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