The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Iocundum, mea vita, mihi proponis amorem

Hunc nostrum internos perpetuomque fore.

Di magni, facite ut vere promittere possit,

Atque id sincere dicat et ex animo,

Vt liceat nobis tota producere vita 5

Alternum hoc sanctae foedus amicitae.


To Lesbia on Her Vow of Constancy.

Gladsome to me, O my life, this love whose offer thou deignest

Between us twain lively and lusty to last soothfast.

(Great Gods!) grant ye the boon that prove her promises loyal,

Saying her say in truth spoken with spirit sincere;

So be it lawful for us to protract through length of our life-tide 5

Mutual pact of our love, pledges of holy good will!

My joy, my life, thou declarest to me that this love of ours shall last ever between us. Great Gods! grant that she may promise truly, and say this in sincerity and from her soul, and that through all our lives we may be allowed to prolong together this bond of holy friendship.

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