The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Si, Comini, populi arbitrio tua cana senectus

Spurcata inpuris moribus intereat,

Non equidem dubito quin primum inimica bonorum

Lingua execta avido sit data volturio,

Effossos oculos voret atro gutture corvos, 5

Intestina canes, cetera membra lupi.


On Cominius.

If by the verdict o’ folk thy hoary old age (O Cominius!)

Filthy with fulsomest lust ever be doomed to the death,

Make I no manner of doubt but first thy tongue to the worthy

Ever a foe, cut out, ravening Vulture shall feed;

Gulp shall the Crow’s black gorge those eye-balls dug from their sockets, 5

Guts of thee go to the dogs, all that remains to the wolves.

If, O Cominius, by the people’s vote thy hoary age made filthy by unclean practices shall perish, forsure I doubt not but that first thy tongue, hostile to goodness, cut out, shall be given to the greedy vulture-brood, thine eyes, gouged out, shall the crows gorge down with sable maw, thine entrails [shall be flung] to the dogs, the members still remaining to the wolf.

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