The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, by Catullus


Caelius Aufilenum et Quintius Aufilenam

Flos Veronensum depereunt iuvenum,

Hic fratrem, ille sororem. hoc est, quod dicitur, illud

Fraternum vere dulce sodalitium.

Cui faveam potius? Caeli, tibi: nam tua nobis 5

Per facta exhibitast unica amicitia,

Cum vesana meas torreret flamma medullas.

Sis felix, Caeli, sis in amore potens.


On Cælius and Quintius.

Cælius Aufilénus and Quintius Aufiléna,

Love to the death, both swains bloom of the youth Veronese,

This woo’d brother and that sue’d sister: so might the matter

Claim to be titled wi’ sooth fairest fraternalest tie.

Whom shall I favour the first? Thee (Cælius!) for thou hast provèd 5

Singular friendship to us shown by the deeds it has done,

Whenas the flames insane had madded me, firing my marrow:

Cælius! happy be thou; ever be lusty in love.

Caelius, Aufilenus; and Quintius, Aufilena; — flower of the Veronese youth — love desperately: this, the brother; that, the sister. This is, as one would say, true brotherhood and sweet friendship. To whom shall I incline the more? Caelius, to thee; for thy single devotion to us was shewn by its deeds, when the raging flame scorched my marrow. Be happy, O Caelius, be potent in love.

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