The memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt, by Giacomo Casanova

Table of Contents

Casanova at Dux. An Unpublished Chapter of History, by Arthur Symons

Translator’s Preface

Author’s Preface

Venetian Years

  1. My Family Pedigree — My Childhood

  2. My Grandmother Comes to Padua, and Takes Me to Dr. Gozzi’s School — My First Love Affair

  3. Bettina Is Supposed to Go Mad — Father Mancia — The Small-pox — I Leave Padua

  4. I receive the minor orders from the patriarch of Venice — I get acquainted with Senator Malipiero, with Therese Imer, with the niece of the Curate, with Madame Orio, with Nanette and Marton, and with the Cavamacchia — I become a preacher — my adventure with Lucie at Pasean A rendezvous on the third story.

  5. An Unlucky Night I Fall in Love with the Two Sisters, and Forget Angela — A Ball at My House — Juliette’s Humiliation — My Return to Pasian — Lucie’s Misfortune — A Propitious Storm

  6. My Grandmother’s Death and Its Consequences I Lose M. de Malipiero’s Friendship — I Have No Longer a Home — La Tintoretta — I Am Sent to a Clerical Seminary — I Am Expelled From It, and Confined in a Fortress

  7. My Short Stay in Fort St. Andre — My First Repentance in Love Affairs I Enjoy the Sweets of Revenge, and Prove a Clever Alibi — Arrest of Count Bonafede — My Release — Arrival of the Bishop — Farewell to Venice

  8. My Misfortunes in Chiozza — Father Stephano — The Lazzaretto at Ancona — The Greek Slave — My Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Loretto — I Go to Rome on Foot, and From Rome to Naples to Meet the Bishop — I Cannot Join Him — Good Luck Offers Me the Means of Reaching Martorano, Which Place I Very Quickly Leave to Return to Naples

  9. My Stay in Naples; It Is Short but Happy — Don Antonio Casanova — Don Lelio Caraffa — I Go to Rome in Very Agreeable Company, and Enter the Service of Cardinal Acquaviva — Barbara — Testaccio — Frascati

  10. Benedict XIV— Excursion to Tivoli — Departure of Lucrezia — The Marchioness G. — Barbara Dalacqua — My Misfortunes — I Leave Rome

  11. My Short But Rather Too Gay Visit To Ancona — Cecilia, Marina, Bellino — the Greek Slave of the Lazzaretto — Bellino Discovers Himself

  12. Bellino’s History — I Am Put Under Arrest — I Run Away Against My Will — My Return To Rimini, and My Arrival In Bologna

  13. I Renounce the Clerical Profession, and Enter the Military Service — Therese Leaves for Naples, and I Go to Venice — I Am Appointed Ensign in the Army of My Native Country — I Embark for Corfu, and Land at Orsera to Take a Walk

  14. An Amusing Meeting in Orsera — Journey to Corfu — My Stay in Constantinople — Bonneval — My Return to Corfu — Madame F. — The False Prince — I Run Away from Corfu — My Frolics at Casopo — I Surrender My self a Prisoner — My Speedy Release and Triumph — My Success with Madame F.

  15. Progress of My Amour — My Journey to Otranto — I Enter the Service of Madame F. — A Fortunate Excoriation

  16. A Fearful Misfortune Befalls Me — Love Cools Down — Leave Corfu and Return to Venice — Give Up the Army and Become a Fiddler

  17. I Turn Out A Worthless Fellow — My Good Fortune — I Become A Rich Nobleman

  18. I lead a dissolute life — Zawoiski — Rinaldi — L’Abbadie — the young countess — the Capuchin friar Z. Steffani — Ancilla — La Ramor — I take a gondola at St. Job to go to Mestra.

  19. I Fall in Love with Christine, and Find a Husband Worthy of Her — Christine’s Wedding

  20. Slight Misfortunes Compel Me to Leave Venice — My Adventures in Milan and Mantua

  21. My Journey to Cesena in Search of Treasure — I Take Up My Quarters in Franzia’s House — His Daughter Javotte

  22. The Incantation — A Terrible Storm — My Fright — Javotte’s Virginity Is Saved — I Give Up the Undertaking, and Sell the Sheath to Capitani — I Meet Juliette and Count Alfani, Alias Count Celi — I Make Up My Mind to Go to Naples — Why I Take a Different Road

  23. I Purchase a Handsome Carriage, and Proceed to Parma With the Old Captain and the Young Frenchwoman — I Pay a Visit to Javotte, and Present Her With a Beautiful Pair of Gold Bracelets — My Perplexities Respecting My Lovely Travelling Companion — A Monologue — Conversation with the Captain — Tete-a-Tete with Henriette

To Paris and Prison

  1. Leave Bologna a Happy Man — The Captain Parts from Us in Reggio, where I Spend a Delightful Night with Henriette — Our Arrival in Parma — Henriette Resumes the Costume of a Woman; Our Mutual Felicity — I Meet Some Relatives of Mine, but Do not Discover Myself

  2. I Engage a Box at the Opera, in Spite of Henriette’s Reluctance — M. Dubois Pays Us a Visit and Dines with Us; My Darling Plays Him a Trick — Henriette Argues on Happiness — We Call on Dubois, and My Wife Displays Her Marvellous Talent — M. Dutillot The Court gives a Splendid Entertainment in the Ducal Gardens — A Fatal Meeting — I Have an Interview with M. D’Antoine, the Favourite of the Infante of Spain

  3. Henriette Receives the Visit of M. d’Antoine I Accompany Her as Far as Geneva and Then I Lose Her — I Cross the St. Bernard, and Return to Parma — A Letter from Hensiette — My Despair De La Haye Becomes Attached to Me — Unpleasant Adventure with an Actress and Its Consequences — I Turn a Thorough Bigot — Bavois — I Mystify a Bragging Officer.

  4. I Receive Good News From Venice, to Which City I Return with De la Haye and Bavois — My Three Friends Give Me a Warm Welcome; Their Surprise at Finding Me a Model of Devotion — Bavois Lures Me Back to My Former Way of Living — De la Haye a Thorough Hypocrite — Adventure with the Girl Marchetti — I Win a Prize in the Lottery — I Meet Baletti — De la Haye Leaves M. de Bragadin’s Palace — My Departure for Paris

  5. I Stop at Ferrara, Where I Have a Comic Adventure — My Arrival in Paris

  6. My Apprenticeship in Paris — Portraits — Oddities — All Sorts of Things

  7. My Blunders in the French Language, My Success, My Numerous Acquaintances — Louis XV. — My Brother Arrives in Paris.

  8. My Broil With Parisian Justice — Mdlle. Vesian

  9. The Beautiful O-Morphi — The Deceitful Painter — I Practice Cabalism for the Duchess de Chartres I Leave Paris — My Stay in Dresden and My Departure from that City

  10. My Stay in Vienna — Joseph II— My Departure for Venice

  11. I Return the Portrait I Had Stolen in Vienna I Proceed to Padua; An Adventure on My Way Back, and Its Consequences — I Meet Therese Imer Again — My Acquaintance With Mademoiselle C. C.

  12. Progress of My Intrigue with the Beautiful C. C.

  13. Continuation of My Intrigues with C. C. — M. de Bragadin Asks the Hand of That Young Person for Me — Her Father Refuses, and Sends Her to a Convent — De la Haye — I Lose All my Money at the Faso-table — My Partnership with Croce Replenishes My Purse — Various Incidents

  14. I Get Rich Again — My Adventure At Dolo — Analysis of a Long Letter From C. C. — Mischievous Trick Played Upon Me By P. C. — At Vincenza — A Tragi-comedy At the Inn

  15. Croce Is Expelled From Venice — Sgombro — His Infamy and Death — Misfortune Which Befalls My Dear C. C. — I Receive An Anonymous Letter From a Nun, and Answer It — An Amorous Intrigue

  16. Countess Coronini — A Lover’s Pique — Reconciliation — The First Meeting — A Philosophical Parenthesis

  17. Continuation of the Last Chapter — My First Assignation With M. M. — Letter From C. C. — My Second Meeting With the Nun At My Splendid Casino In Venice I Am Happy

  18. Visit to the Convent and Conversation With M. M. — A Letter from Her, and My Answer — Another Interview At the Casino of Muran In the Presence of Her Lover

  19. I Give My Portrait to M. M. — A Present From Her — I Go to the Opera With Her — She Plays At the Faro Table and Replenishes My Empty Purse- -Philosophical Conversation With M. M. — A Letter From C. C. — She Knows All — A Ball At the Convent; My Exploits In the Character of Pierrot — C. C. Comes to the Casino Instead of M. M. — I Spend the Night With Her In A Very Silly Way.

  20. I Am in Danger of Perishing in the Lagunes — Illness — Letters from C. C. and M. M. — The Quarrel is Made Up — Meeting at the Casino of Muran I Learn the Name of M. M.‘s Friend, and Consent to Give Him A Supper at My Casino in the Company of Our Common Mistress

  21. Supper at My Casino With M. M. and M. de Bernis, the French Ambassador — A Proposal from M. M.; I Accept It — Consequences — C. C. is Unfaithful to Me, and I Cannot Complain

  22. M. De Bernis Goes Away Leaving Me the Use of His Casino — His Good Advice: How I Follow It — Peril of M. M. and Myself — Mr. Murray, the English Ambassador — Sale of the Casino and End of Our Meetings — Serious Illness of M. M. — Zorzi and Condulmer — Tonnie

  23. Continues the Preceding Chapter — M. M. Recovers — I Return to Venice — Tonine Consoles Me — Decrease of My Love For M. M. — Doctor Righelini — Curious Conversation With Him — How This Conversation Affected M. M. — Mr. Murray Undeceived and Avenged

  24. Pleasant Ending of the Adventure of the False Nun — M. M. Finds Out That I Have d Mistress — She is Avenged on the Wretch Capsucefalo — I Ruin Myself at Play, and at the Suggestion of M. M. I Sell all Her Diamonds, One After Another — I Hand Over Tonine to Murray, Who Makes Provision for Her — Her Sister Barberine Takes Her Place.

  25. The Fair Invalid I Cure Her — A Plot Formed to Ruin Me — What Happened at the House of the Young Countess Bonafede — The Erberia — Domiciliary Visit — My Conversation with M. de Bragadin — I Am Arrested by Order of the State Inquisitors.

  26. Under The Leads — The Earthquake

  27. Various Adventures — My Companions — I Prepare to Escape — Change of Cell

  28. The Subterranean Prisons Known as the Wells — Lawrence’s Vengeance — I Enter into a Correspondence With Another Prisoner, Father Balbi: His Character — I Plan With Him a Means of Escape — How I Contrived to Let Him Have My Pike I Am Given a Scoundrelly Companion: His Portrait.

  29. Treason of Soradaci — How I Get the Best of Him — Father Balbi Ends His Work — I Escape from My Cell — Unseasonable Observations of Count Asquin The Critical Moment

  30. The Escape I Nearly Lose My Life on the Roof I Get out of the Ducal Palace, Take a Boat, and Reach the Mainland — Danger to Which I Am Exposed by Father Balbi — My Scheme for Ridding Myself of Him

  31. I Find a Lodging in the House of the Chief of the Sbirri — I Pass a Good Night There and Recover My Strength — I Go to Mass — A Disagreeable Meeting I Am Obliged to Take Six Sequins by Force — Out of Danger — Arrived at Munich — Balbi I Set Out for Paris — My Arrival — Attempt on the Life of Louis XV

  32. The Minister of Foreign Affairs M. de Boulogne, the Comptroller — M. le Duc de Choiseul — M. Paris du Vernai — Establishment of the Lottery — My Brother’s Arrival at Paris; His Reception by the Academy

The Eternal Quest

  1. Count Tiretta of Trevisa Abbe Coste — Lambertini, the Pope’s Niece Her Nick — Name for Tiretta The Aunt and Niece — Our Talk by the Fireside — Punishment of Damien — Tiretta’s Mistake Anger of Madame ***— Their Reconciliation — My Happiness with Mdlle. de la Meure Silvia’s Daughter — Mdlle, de la Meure Marries My Despair and Jealousy — A Change far the Better

  2. The Abby de la Ville — The Abby Galiani — The Neapolitan Dialect — I Set Out for Dunkirk on a Secret Mission I Succeed — I Return to Paris by Amiens — My Adventure by the Way — M. de la Bretonniere — My Report Gives Satisfaction — I Am Paid Five Hundred Louis — Reflections.

  3. The Count de la Tour D’Auvergne and Madame D’Urfe — Camille — My Passion for the Count’s Mistress — The Ridiculous Incident Which Cured Me — The Count de St. Germain

  4. Absurd Ideas of Madame D’Urfe on My Supernatural Powers — Marriage of My Brother — I Conceive a Plan on His Wedding Day — I Go to Holland on a Financial Mission — The Jew Boaz Gives Me a Lesson — M. d’Afri — Esther — Another Casanova — I Find Therese Imer Again

  5. My Fortune in Holland — My Return to Paris with Young Pompeati

  6. I Meet With a Flattering Reception From My Patron — Madame D’Urfe’s Infatuation — Madame X. C. V. And Her Family — Madame du Rumain

  7. I Continue My Relations With Mdlle. X. C. V. — Vain Attempts to Procure Abortion — The Aroph — She Flies From Home and Takes Refuge in a Convent

  8. Fresh Adventures — J. J. Rousseau — I set Up A Business — Castel — Bajac — A Lawsuit is Commenced Against Me — M. de Sartine

  9. My Examination I Give the Clerk Three Hundred Louis — The Midwife and Cartel-Bajac Imprisoned — Mdlle. X. C. V. Is Brought to Bed of a Son and Obliges Her Mother to Make Me Amends — The Suit Against Me Is Quashed — Mdlle. X. C. V. Goes With Her Mother to Brussels and From Thence to Venice, Where She Becomes a Great Lady — My Work-girls — Madame Baret — I Am Robbed, Put in Prison, and Set at Liberty Again — I Go to Holland — Helvetius’ “Esprit”— Piccolomini

  10. Portrait of the Pretended Countess Piccolomini — Quarrel and Duel — Esther and Her Father, M. D’O. — Esther Still Taken with the Cabala — Piccolomini Forges a Bill of Exchange: Results I Am Fleeced, and in Danger of Being Assassinated — Debauch with the Two Paduan Girls — I Reveal A Great Secret To Esther — I Bate the Rascally St. Germain; His Flight — Manon Baletti Proves Faithless to Me; Her Letter Announcing Her Marriage: My Despair — Esther Spends a Day With Me — My Portrait and My Letters to Manon Get Into Esther’s Hands — I Pass a Day with Her — We Talk of Marrying Each Other

  11. I Undeceive Esther — I set out for Germany — Adventure Near Cologne — The Burgomaster’s Wife; My Conquest of Her — Ball at Bonn — Welcome From the Elector of Cologne — Breakfast at Bruhl — First Intimacy — I sup Without Being Asked at General Kettler’s I am Happy — I Leave Cologne — The Toscani The Jewel My Arrival at Stuttgart

  12. Gardella Portrait of The Duke of Wurtemburg — My Dinner with Gardella, And its Consequences — Unfortunate Meeting I Play and Lose Four Thousand Louis — Lawsuit — Lucky Flight — My Arrival at Zurich — Church Consecrated By Jesus Christ Himself

  13. I Resolve to Become a Monk — I go to Confession — Delay of a Fortnight — Giustiniani, the Apostle Capuchin — I Alter my Mind; My Reasons — My Pranks at the Inn — I Dine With the Abbot

  14. I Leave Zurich — Comic Adventure at Baden — Soleure — M. De Chavigni — M. and Madame *** I Act in a Play — I Counterfeit Sickness to Attain Happiness

  15. My Country House — Madame Dubois — Malicious Trick Played on Me by My Lame Enemy — My Vexation

  16. Continuation of the Preceding Chapter — I Leave Soleure

  17. Berne — La Mata Madame de la Saone — Sara — My Departure — Arrival at Bale

  18. M. Haller — My Stay at Lausanne — Lord Rosebury — The Young Saconai — Dissertation on Beauty — The Young Theologian

  19. M. de Voltaire; My Discussions with That Great Man — Ariosto — The Duc de Villars — The Syndic and the Three Girls — Dispute with Voltaire — Aix-en-Savoie — The Marquis Desarmoises

  20. My Adventures at Aix — My Second M. M. — Madame Zeroli

  21. End of My Adventure with the Nun from Chamberi — My Flight from Aix

Adventures in the South

  1. The Door — Keeper’s Daughters — The Horoscopes — Mdlle. Roman

  2. My Departure from Grenoble — Avignon — The Fountain of Vaucluse — The False Astrodi and the Humpback — Gaetan Costa — I Arrive at Marseilles

  3. Rosalie — Toulon — Nice — I Arrive at Genoa — M. Grimaldi — Veronique and Her Sister

  4. The Play — The Russian — Petri — Rosalie at the Convent

  5. I Fall in Love With Veronique — Her Sister — Plot Against Plot — My Victory — Mutual Disappointment

  6. A Clever Cheat — Passano — Pisa — Corilla — My Opinion of Squinting Eyes — Florence — I See Therese Again — My Son — Corticelli

  7. The Corticelli — The Jew Manager Beaten — The False Charles Ivanoff and the Trick He Played Me — I Am Ordered to Leave Tuscany — I Arrive at Rome — My Brother Jean

  8. Cardinal Passianei — The Pope — Masiuccia — I Arrive At Naples

  9. My Short But Happy Stay at Naples — The Duke de Matalone My Daughter — Donna Lucrezia — My Departure

  10. My Carriage Broken — Mariuccia’s Wedding-Flight of Lord Lismore — My Return to Florence, and My Departure with the Corticelli

  11. My Arrival at Bologna — I Am Expelled from Modena — I Visit Parma and Turin — The Pretty Jewess — The Dressmaker

  12. My Victory Over the Deputy Chief of Police — My Departure — Chamberi — Desarmoises’s Daughter — M. Morin — M *** M *** — At Aix — The Young Boarder — Lyons — Paris

  13. My Stay at Paris and My Departure for Strasburg, Where I Find the Renaud — My Misfortunes at Munich and My Sad Visit to Augsburg

  14. The Actors — Bassi — The Girl From Strasburg The Female Count — My Return to Paris I Go to Metz — Pretty Raton — The Pretended Countess Lascaris

  15. I Returned to Paris With The Corticelli, Now Countess Lascaris — The Hypostasis Fails — Aix-la-Chapelle — Duel — Mimi d’Ache — The Corticelli Turns Traitress to Her Own Disadvantage — Journey to Sulzbach

  16. I Send The Corticelli to Turin — Helen is Initiated Into The Mysteries of Love I Go to Lyons — My Arrival at Turin

  17. My Old Friends — Pacienza — Agatha — Count Boryomeo — The Ball — Lord Percy

  18. I Give up Agatha to Lord Percy — I Set out for Milan — The Actress at Pavia — Countess A *** B ***— Disappointment — Marquis Triulzi — Zenobia — The Two Marchionesses Q ***— The Venetian Barbaro

  19. Humiliation of The Countess — Zenobia’s Wedding — Faro Conquest of The Fair Irene — Plan for a Masquerade

  20. The Masquerade — My Amour with the Fair Marchioness — The Deserted Girl; I Become Her Deliverer — My Departure for St. Angelo

  21. An Ancient Castle — Clementine — The Fair Penitent — Lodi — A Mutual Passion

  22. Our Excursion — Parting From Clementine — I Leave Milan With Croce’s Mistress My Arrival At Genoa

In London and Moscow

  1. I Find Rosalie Happy — The Signora Isola-Bella — The Cook — Biribi — Irene — Possano in Prison — My Niece Proves to be an Old Friend of Rosalie’s

  2. Disgraceful Behaviour of My Brother, the Abbe, I Relieve Him of His Mistress — Departure from Genoa — The Prince of Monaco — My Niece Overcome — Our Arrival at Antibes

  3. My Arrival at Marseilles — Madame d’Urfe — My Niece Is Welcomed by Madame Audibert I Get Rid of My Brother and Possano — Regeneration — Departure of Madame d’Urfe — Marcoline Remains Constant

  4. I Leave Marseilles — Henriette at Aix — Irene at Avignon — Treachery of Possano — Madame d’Urfe Leaves Lyon

  5. I Meet the Venetian Ambassadors at Lyons, and also Marcoline’s Uncle — I Part from Marcoline and Set Out for Paris — An Amorous Journey

  6. I Drive My Brother The Abbe From Paris — Madame du Rumain Recovers Her Voice Through My Cabala — A Bad Joke — The Corticelli — I Take d’Aranda to London My Arrival At Calais

  7. My Arrival in London; Madame Cornelis — I Am Presented at Court — I Rent a Furnished House — I Make a Large Circle of Acquaintance — Manners of the English

  8. The Assembly — Adventure at Ranelagh The English Courtezans — Pauline

  9. Pauline’s Story — I Am Happy — Pauline Leaves Me

  10. Eccentricity of the English — Castelbajac Count Schwerin — Sophie at School — My Reception at the Betting Club — The Charpillon

  11. The Charpillon — Dreadful Consequences of My Acquaintance With Her

  12. Goudar’s Chair

  13. The End of the Story Stranger Than the Beginning

  14. Bottarelli — A Letter from Pauline — The Avenging Parrot — Pocchini — Guerra, the Venetian — I Meet Sara Again; My Idea of Marrying Her and Settling in Switzerland — The Hanoverians

  15. The Hanoverians

  16. Augusta Becomes Lord Pembroke’s Titular Mistress The King of Corsica’s Son — M. du Claude, or the Jesuit Lavalette — Departure of the Hanoverians I Balance My Accounts — The Baron Stenau — The English Girl, and What She Gave Me — Daturi — My Flight from London — Comte St. Germain — Wesel

  17. My Cure — Daturi is Beaten by Some Soldiers — I Leave Wesel for Brunswick — Redegonde — Brunswick — The Hereditary Prince — The Jew — My Stay at Wolfen-Buttel The Library — Berlin Calsabigi and the Berlin Lottery — Mdlle. Belanger

  18. Lord Keith — My Appointment to Meet the King in the Garden of Sans- Souci My Conversation with Frederick the Great — Madame Denis The Pomeranian Cadets — Lambert — I Go to Mitau My Welcome at the Court, and My Administrative Journey

  19. My Stay at Riga — Campioni St. Heleine — D’Asagon — Arrival of the Empress — I Leave Riga and Go to St. Petersburg — I See Society — I Buy Zaira

  20. Crevecoeur — Bomback — Journey to Moscow — My Adventures At St. Petersburg

  21. I See the Empress — My Conversations with Her — The Valville — I Leave Zaiya I Leave St. Petersburg and Arrive at Warsaw — The Princes Adam Czartoryski and Sulkowski — The King of Poland — Theatrical Intrigues — Byanicki

  22. My Duel with Branicki — My Journey to Leopol and Return to Warsaw — I Receive the Order to Leave — My Departure with the Unknown One

  23. My Arrival at Dresden with Maton — She Makes Me a Present — Leipzig — Castelbajac — Schwerin — Return to Dresden and Departure — I Arrive at Vienna — Pocchini’s Vengeance

Spanish Passions

  1. I Am Ordered to Leave Vienna — The Empress Moderates but Does Not Annul the Order — Zavoiski at Munich — My Stay at Augsburg — Gasconnade at Louisburg — The Cologne Newspaper — My Arrival at Aix-la-Chapelle

  2. My Stay at Spa — The Blow — The Sword — Della Croce — Charlotte; Her Lying-in and Death — A Lettre de Cachet Obliges Me to Leave Paris in the Course of Twenty-four Hours

  3. My Departure From Paris — My Journey to Madrid — The Count of Aranda — The Prince de la Catolica — The Duke of Lossada — Mengs — A Ball — Madame Pichona — Donna Ignazia

  4. My Amours With Donna Ignazia — My Imprisonment At Buen Retiro — My Triumph — I Am Commended to the Venetian Ambassador by One of the State Inquisitors

  5. Campomanes — Olavides — Sierra Morena — Aranjuez — Mengs — The Marquis Grimaldi — Toledo — Madame Pelliccia — My Return to Madrid

  6. My Amours With Donna Ignazia — Return of M. de Mocenino to Madrid

  7. I Make a Mistake and Manucci Becomes My Mortal Foe — His Vengeance — I Leave Madrid — Saragossa — Valentia — Nina — I Arrive at Barcelona

  8. My Imprudence — Passano — I Am Imprisoned — My Departure from Barcelona — Madame Castelbajac at Montpellier — Nimes — I Arrive at Aix

  9. My Stay at Aix; I Fall Ill — I am Cared for By an Unknown Lady — The Marquis d’Argens — Cagliostro

  10. My Departure — Letter from Henriette — Marsellies — History of Nina — Nice — Turin — Lugano — Madame De ***

  11. The Punishment of Marazzani — I Leave Lugano — Turin — M. Dubois at Parma — Leghorn — The Duke of Orloff — Pisa — Stratico — Sienna — The Marchioness Chigi — My Departure from Sienna With an Englishwoman

  12. Miss Betty — TheComte de L’Etoile — Sir B *** M *** Reassured

  13. Rome — The Actor’s Punishment — Lord Baltimore — Naples — Sara Goudar — Departure of Betty — Agatha — Medina — Albergoni — Miss Chudleigh — The Prince of Francavilla — The Swimmers

  14. My Amours with Gallimena — Journey to Soyento — Medini — Goudar — Miss Chudleigh — The Marquis Petina — Gaetano — Madame Cornelis’s Son — An Anecdote of Sara Goudar — The Florentines Mocked by the King — My Journey to Salerno, Return to Naples, and Arrival at Rome

  15. Margarita — Madame Buondcorsi — The Duchess of Fiano — Cardinal Bernis — The Princess Santa Croce — Menicuccio and His Sister

  16. I Sup at the Inn With Armelline and Emilie

  17. The Florentine — Marriage of Emilie — Scholastica — Armelline at the Ball

  18. Madame Denis — Dedini — Zanovitch — Zen — I Am Obliged to Leave — I Arrive at Bologna — General Albergati

  19. Farinello and the Electress Dowager of Saxony — Madame Slopitz — Nina — The Midwife — Madame Soavi — Abbe Bolini — Madame Viscioletta — The Seamstress — The Sorry Pleasure of Revenge — Severini Goes to Naples — My Departure — Marquis Mosca

  20. A Jew Named Mardocheus Becomes My Travelling Companion — He Persuades Me to Lodge in His House — I Fall in Love With His Daughter Leah — After a Stay of Six Weeks I Go to Trieste

  21. Pittoni — Zaguri — The Procurator Morosini — The Venetian Consul — Gorice — The French Consul — Madame Leo — My Devotion to The State Inquisitors — Strasoldo — Madame Cragnoline — General Burghausen

  22. Some Adventures at Trieste — I Am of Service to the Venetian Government — My Expedition to Gorice and My Return to Trieste — I Find Irene as an Actress and Expert Gamester

Spanish Passions — Old Age and Death of Casanova Appendix and Supplement

Supplement to The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova De Seingalt, containing an outline of Casanova’s career from the year 1774, when his own Memoirs abruptly end, until his death in 1798

  1. Part the First. Venice 1774-1782

    Casanova’s Return to VeniceRelations with the InquisitorsFrancesca BuschiniPublicationsMlle. X—— C—— V——Last Days at Venice

  2. Part the Second. Vienna-Paris

    1783-1785 Travels in 1783ParisViennaLetters from FrancescaLast Days at Vienna

  3. Part the Third. Dux 1786-1798

    The Castle at DuxLetters from FrancescaCorrespondence and ActivitiesCorrespondence with Jean-Ferdinand OpizPublicationsSummary of My LifeLast Days at Dux

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