R.U.R., by Karel Capek

Dramatis Personae

Harry Domin: Director General, Rossum’s Universal Robots

Fabry: Technical Director, R.U.R.

Dr. Gall: Head of Physiology and Research Department, R.U.R.

Dr. Hallemeier: Head of Institute for Robot Psychology and Behaviour, R.U.R

Busman: Commercial Director, R.U.R.

Alquist: Head of Construction, R.U.R.

Helena Glory

Nana: Her Nanny

Marius: Robot

Sulla: Robot, female

Radius: Robot

Damon: Robot

1. Robot

2. Robot

3. Robot

4. Robot

Primus: Robot

Helena: Robot, female

Robot servant and numerous robots

Domin: in introductory scene, about thirty-eight years old, tall, clean shaven

Fabry: also clean shaven, fair, serious and delicate features

Dr. Gall: light build, lively, dark complexion and black moustache

Hallemeier: heavy build, noisy, big ginger moustache and ginger shock of hair

Busman: fat, bald, short-sighted Jew

Alquist: older than the others, dressed without care, long grey hair and beard

Helena: very elegant

In the play proper, all ten years older

In the introductory scene, the robots are dressed like people. They are slightly mechanical in their speech and movements, blank of expression, fixed in their gaze. In the play proper they wear linen blouses seized at the waist with a belt and on their breasts wear a brass number

Intervals after the introductory scene and the second act.


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