The War with the Newts, by Karel Čapek

Table of Contents

Book One

Andrias Sheuchzeri

  1. The Strange Behaviour of Captain Van Toch
  2. Mister Golombek and Mister Valenta
  3. G. H. Bondy and the Captain
  4. Captain Van Toch’s Business
  5. How Captain J. Van Toch Trained the Lizards
  6. The Yacht in the Lagoon
  7. The Yacht in the Lagoon (continued)
  8. Andrias Scheuchzeri
  9. Andrew Scheuchzer
  10. Town Carnival in Nové Strašací
  11. The Anthroposauruses
  12. The Salamander-Syndicate

(Supplementary Chapter)

Book Two

The Rise of Civilisation

  1. Mister Povondra Reads the Paper
  2. The Rise of Civilisation (History of the Newts)
  3. Mister Povondra Reads the Papers Again

Book Three

The War with the Newts

  1. Massacre on the Coconut Isles
  2. Skirmish in Normandy
  3. Incident in the English Channel
  4. The Northern Newt
  5. Wolf Meynert Writes His Oeuvre
  6. X Gives His Warning
  7. The Louisiana Earthquake
  8. Chief Salamander Makes His Demands
  9. Conference in Vaduz
  10. Mr. Povondra Blames Himself
  11. The Author Talks to Himself

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