Britannia, by William Camden



Small H HAving survey’d, in order, the Counties of the Coritani, who were seated in the Western Parts; we proceed to take a view of the Cornabii or Cornavii; the original of which name, I must leave to others. It is true, I could wrest it to this and that signification: but since none will either suit the nature of the place, or genius of the people, I shall not swell my book with them. To pursue my design therefore, I shall severally go through those Provinces, which (according to Ptolemy’s description) the Cornavii seem to have possess’d, (viz.) Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, and Cheshire. In all which, not the least footstep of the name Cornavii remains at this day; although it seems to have continu’d down to the declension of the Roman Empire. turmae For the† Numeri & Turmæ.Troops of the Cornavii serv’d under the later Emperors; as may be seen in the * * Libro Notitiarum.Breviary of the Western Empire.

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