Britannia, by William Camden

The County of Colran, ⌈or London-Derry.

Big B BEyond the Glinnes, westward, lies Krine, call’d ⌈heretofore⌉ the County of Colran from the chief town in it; ⌈but now the County of London-derry, from the City of London-derry, which was built and planted by the Londoners.⌉ It is bounded by the river BannBann, riv. on one side, by the Lough-Foile on another, and by the County of Tir-Oen to the south. This Bann (as Giraldus says,) is a very beautiful river; which its name intimates. It rises out of the Mourne-hills in the County of Downe; and, being empty’d into the large Lough of Eaugh or Sidney, where it loses both it self and its name, after some thirty miles (for so long this Lough is counted,) it receives the name again at Tome-castle. From whence, crown’d with wood on both sides, it runs in a full chanel by Glancolkein,Glancolkein. (which, by the benefit of thick woods and unpassable bogs, is a safe refuge for the Scotch Islanders and rebels, as the English were sensible by their pursuit of Surley-boy, who absconded here:) and so, into the Sea. It is the best stock’d with Salmon,Salmons. of any river in Europe, by reason (as some imagin) of its Clearness above all other rivers; a quality, with which that kind of Fish are particularly delighted. The Cahans * * Are, C.were of greatest authority in these parts; the chief of which Family † † Is, C.was O-Cahan,O-Cahan. the first of those Potentates or UraightsUraights. (as they term them) who held of O-Neal the tyrant of Ulster; being the person, who, in the election of an O-NealThe election of O-Neal. (performed with barbarous ceremonies upon a high hill, in the open air) * * Has, C.had the honourable Office of throwing a Shoe over the head of the O Neal, then chosen. Yet his power † † Is, C.was not so great, as to restrain the Island-Scots,The Island Scots. who, to spare their own at home, in the Summer * * Leave, C.left those barbarous and fruitless Islands,Ann. 1607. where there is nothing but want and beggary, and † † Come, C.came hither for Provisions; where they ¦ ¦ Take, C.took all opportunities to raise and cherish Rebellions; so that it was by an express Law declar’d High-treason, either to call them into Ireland, or to receive them in it. ⌈But now there is no Cahan of any note in this County; and the Lands are chiefly holden of the London-Society, and of the Bishop of Derry.

Baron Colrain. The title of Baron of Colrain is enjoy’d by the honourable Family of Hare in England.⌉

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