Britannia, by William Camden

The County of Roscoman.

Big B BELOW Letrim to the south, lies the County of Roscoman, first made so by Henry Sidney Lord Deputy. It is of a great length, but narrow; bounded on the west by the river Suc, on the east by the Shanon, and on the north by the Curlew-mountains.Curlew-mountains. This is for the most part a Champian country; and is fertile, and well-stock’d with Cattle, and ever plentiful in Corn by the help of a little good husbandry. Towards the north, are the Curlew-mountains; steep, and heretofore unpassable, till with much pains and difficulty a way was cut through them by George Bingham. They are famous for the slaughter of Coniers Clifford Governour of Conaught and of other brave Veterans, who were cut off there by his negligence. There are ⌈(besides the two half Baronies of Ballymore and Moycarne,)⌉ four Baronies in this County. Barony of Boile. First, the Barony of Boile, under the Curlew-mountains upon the Shanon; where formerly stood a famous Monastery, founded in the year 1152, together with the Abbey of Beatitude. This † † Is, C.was the Seigniory of Mac-Dermot;Mac-Dermot quasi rerum potitur. ⌈but the Lands of the Barony are now the possession of Sir John King.⌉ Next, the Barony of Balin TobarBalin Tobar. upon the Suc (where O Conor Dun ¦ ¦ Has, C.had the chief Power and Interest,) neighbouring upon the Bishoprick of Elphin. Roscoman. Lower down lies Roscoman, ⌈heretofore⌉ the Barony of O Conor Roo, that is, O Conor the red, wherein stands the chief Town of this County: it is fortify’d with a castle, built1268. formerly by Robert Ufford, Chief Justice of Ireland; but the houses of the Town are all thatch’d. Athlone. More to the south, lies Athlone ⌈heretofore⌉ the Barony of the O-Kellies, and so call’d from the principal Town in it, which has a Castle, a Garrison, and a fair stone-bridge, built within the memory of * * So said, ann. 1607.this age by Henry Sidney, Lord Deputy (to the great terror of the Rebels) at the command of Queen Elizabeth, when she design’d to make this the Seat of the Lord Deputy, as most convenient for the suppressing of Insurrections. ⌈From hence, General Godart Ginkle had the title of EarlEarl of Athlone. confer’d upon him by King William the third, for his eminent Services in the Wars of Ireland.

Phil. Trans. p.790. Vol.22. In this County, at the Abby of Cluinmacnos, is the following Sepulchral Inscription,

Sepulchral Inscription

Earl of Roscommon. From this County, the Family of Dillon hath derived the honourable title of Earl of Roscommon; and another Family, of the same name, enjoys the title of Viscount Castellogallen.⌉Castellogallen.

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