Britannia, by William Camden



* Emissario. Small T THE fourth part of Ireland, which looks westward, and is enclosed with the river Shanon, and the * out-let of Lough Erne (by some called Trovis, by others Bana,) and with the Western Ocean; is called by Giraldus Cambrensis, Conaghtia and Conacia, by the English Conaght, and by the Irish Conaghty. Antiently, as appears from Ptolemy, the Gangani,Gangani.
otherwise called the Concani, Auteri, and Nagnatæ, dwelt here. Nagnatae These Concani or Gangani (descended, like the Luceni, their neighbours, from the Lucensii of Spain) are probably, from the affinity and nearness both of names and places, deriv’d from the Concani of Spain, who in different Copies of Strabo are writ Coniaci, and Conisci: These were originally Scythians, and drank the blood of horses, as Silius tells us: a thing not unusual heretofore among the wild Irish.

Et qui Messagetem monstrans feritate parentem,
Cornipedis fusa satiaris, Concane, vena.

Concans that prove themselves of Scythian strain,
And horse’s blood drink from the reeking vein.

And Horace also,

Et lætum equino sanguine Concanum.

And Concans warm with horse’s blood.

Unless Conaughty, the Irish name, may be thought to be a compound of Concani and Nagnatæ. The Country, as in some places it is pleasant and fruitful, so in others which are wet and marshy (called Boghs, from their softness, which are common also in other parts of this Island,) it is dangerous; but produces good grass, and very much wood. The Sea-coast has so many bays and navigable rivers in it, that it seems to invite the inhabitants to Navigation.So said, ann. 1607. However, these advantages have not that effect upon a people so charm’d with sloth and idleness, that they had much rather go from door to door, than labour for their living in an honest way. At present, it is divided into these Counties, Twomond or Clare, Gallway, Maio, Slego, Letrim, and Roscoman.

The forementioned Concani peopl’d the South part of Conaght, where are now the Counties of Twomond or Clare, Gallway, the Territory of Clan-Richard, and the Barony of Atterith.

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