Britannia, by William Camden

The County of West-Meth.

Small T THE County of West-Meth, so call’d in respect of the former upon which it borders to the West, comes up to the Shanon, and lies between the King’s County on the South, and the County of Longford on the North. It is not inferior to either, in fruitfulness, number of inhabitants, or any other advantage, * * So said, ann. 1607.except neatness and good breeding. Molingar. Molingar, by Act of Parliament, was made the head town of this County; lying about the middle of it. The whole is divided into twelve Baronies; Fertulogh, where the Tirells live; Ferbille, the seat of the Darcies; Delvin,Barons Delvin. which gives the title of Baron to the Nogents, a famous English family, descended from Gilbert Nogent, whom Hugh Lacy, (who conquer’d Meth) in consideration of his great services in the wars of Ireland, rewarded with these Lands and those of Furrey; as that learned Gentleman Richard Stanihurst has observ’d. Then, the Furrey aforesaid,Ann.1607. as also Corkery, where the Nogents dwell; Moyassel, the territory of the Tuts and Nogents; Maghertiernan, of the Petits and Tuts (who are very numerous;) Moygoisy, of the Tuts and Nangles; Rathcomire, of the Daltons; Magirquirke, of the Dillons, all English families: also Clonlolan, where the O-Malaghlins,Ann.1607. who are of the old Royal Line of Meth; and Moycassel, where the Magohigans, native Irish, do live; with many others, called by strange barbarous names. But however, as Martial the Poet said, after he had reckon’d up certain barbarous Spanish names of places, being himself a Spaniard, That he liked them better than British names; so the Irish admire these more than the English names, and one of their great men was wont to say, he would not learn English, lest it should set his mouth awry. Thus, all are partial to themselves, and being immoderately pleas’d with their own, despite the rest of the world.

Meth had its Kings in old time, or rather Petty Kings; and Slanius, the Monarch of Ireland, as it is said, appropriated the revenues of this County to supply provisions for his own table. But when the English got footing in the Kingdom, Hugh Lacy conquer’d the greatest part of this County, and King Henry the second gave it him in fee, with the title ofLords of Meth. Lord of Meth; who in the building of Derwarth Castle, had his head struck off by a Carpenter, as he was stooping down to give him directions.

This Hugh had two sons, Hugh Earl of Ulster, of whom more hereafter; and Walter Lord of Trim, who had a son Gilbert, that dy’d in the life-time of his father. By the daughters of this Gilbert, viz. Margaret and Maud, one half of this estate, by the GenevillsGenevills. (who are said to be of the Lorain Family) and by the Mortimers, came to the Dukes of York, and so to the Crown. For Peter de Genevill, Son of Maud, had a daughter nam’d Joan, who was married to Roger Mortimer, Earl of Merch: the other half, by Margaret wife of John Verdon, and by his Heirs, who wereConstables of Ireland. Constables of Ireland, came at length to several families in England. ⌈This County hath afforded the title of Earl to the Honourable family of Nugent.⌉

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