Britannia, by William Camden

The Kings-County.

Big A AS the Queen’s County was so nam’d from Queen Mary; so the adjacent little County on the north (divided by the river Barrow, and called heretofore Offalie) was called, in honour of Philip of Spain her husband, the King’s County; and the head-town, Philips-town:Philips-town. where † † Is, C.was a garrison, a Seneschal, and several noted families of the English, the Warrens, Herberts, Colbies, Mores, and the Leicesters; and of the Irish, the family of O-conor, to whom a great part of it formerly belong’d; as also of Mac Coghlam, and O-maily, Fox, and others, who stoutly * * Defend, C.defended the possessions left them here by their ancestors. These native Irish † † Complain, C.complain’d that the estates of their families ¦ ¦ Are, C.were taken from them, and no others in lieu thereof assigned them to live upon. For this reason they ¦ ¦ Break, C.broke out into rebellion upon every occasion, and being thus wrought into a Spirit of Revenge, * * Annoy, C.annoy’d the English with great outrage and cruelty. ⌈But now, all those Families, both English and Irish are extinct; except the Leicesters, who are in a low state; and the Mores, who are in a flourishing condition, and have been lately advanced to the honour of Barons of Tullamore. This County is now well improved and inhabited; and, besides the Borough of Philips-town (which gives the title of Baron to the Lord Viscount Molesworth,) hath the Borough of Bonagher; and Edenderry, a large Town; with several pretty Villages; and from GeshillGeshill. herein, the honourable Family of Digby in England take their title of Baron.⌉

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