Britannia, by William Camden


The Lease. Small T TO the north-west, above Caterlogh, lies a woody, boggy Tract, call’d in Irish The Lease, in English, The Queen’s County; which Queen Mary, by Thomas Ratcliff Earl of Sussex and Lord Deputy at that time, first reduc’d into a County. Hence the chief Town is call’d Mary BurghMary-Burgh. ⌈(from whence the Family of Molineux have the title of Viscount,)⌉ defended by a garrison under the command of a * * Senescallo.Steward, † † This was the State of it, ann. 1607.who with much ado kept off the O-mores, pretending to be the ancient Lords of it; as also the Mac-Gilpatricks, the O-Dempsies, and others (a mischievous and restless sort of people,) who are daily conspiring against the English, and endeavouring to free themselves from their Government. At the first coming of the English into these parts, Meilere was sent to subdue this wild and stubborn part of the Country. Hugh Lacy, Lord Deputy, built a Castle at Tahmelio, another at Obowy, a third upon the river Barrow, and a fourth at Norrach. But the most famous was Donemaws,Donemaws. an ancient Castle, situate in a very fruitful part, which fell to the Breoses Lords of Brecknock by Eva the youngest daughter of William Mareshall Earl of Pembroke: Where also the Barrow, rising out of Slew-Blomey-hills on the west, after a solitary course through the Woods, sees the old City Rheba,Rheba. a name which it still preserves entire in its present one Rheban; though instead of a City, it is now but the shadow of a City, consisting of some few Cottages and a Fort. However, it * * Gives, C.gave the title of Baronet to an eminent Gentleman N. of S. Michael, commonly called the Baronet of Rheban;Baronet of Rheban. ⌈but that Family is now wholly extinct. Their title while they remain’d was in some sense, that of Baron; but being created by the Lord of the Palatinate, and not by the King, they were not Lords of Parliament.

This County is now well inhabited, and much improved; and contains, besides the Burrough of Mary-burrough, the Burrough of Ballynakill, and the considerable Towns of Montrath, Mountmelick, Abbylease, and Durrow, the first of which gives the title of Earl of Montrath, to the Honourable Family of Coote.⌉

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